"Create in me a pure heart..."

At GS Coaching we aim to diligently use every available resource in the deliverance ministry to facilitate a journey to wholeness for a purposeful, abundant life.


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The Narcissist Prayer

This prayer is one of deep reflection and a turning back to the Father through repentance of inflicted behaviour on others rooted in woundedness and self-rejection...

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The Cult of Herodias - Diana Prayer

The prayer is written as a declaration of repentance for the murderous acts committed through judgement and gossip by oneself and/or the generational bloodline...


The Destiny Prayer

This prayer serves to break the bonds with these goddesses by repenting of belief in other cultural structures and deities, pursuing “fate” rather than trusting that God has a plan predestined for us; Jeremiah 29:11...



We have had the privilege of working with Samuel for 18 months now and are so grateful for his humility and integrity, tenacity in the Spirit, his passion for setting us on a journey to freedom and wholeness and most enduringly his unconditional love and compassion throughout our trials, battles and tribulation.  We are often fighting battles with powers and principalities of this dark world but never really ponder to think about how they gained access to tormenting us or impacting our behaviour.

Our moral compass is defined by the pages of the Word becoming Flesh in perfect union with the Holy Spirit. The quintessence of what is required of us to walk humbly with YHVH, seek justice and love mercy. God calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. This transformation of thinking God’s thoughts after Him is a daily pursuit and can only be done when we are free from the bondage of sin, bloodline iniquity and spiritual strongholds. Negative self-talk, gossip, jealousy, fear, responding to others through our perceived hurts and emotional triggers can allow us to distance ourselves from Abba Father, loved ones in general and our faith community at large.  Walking out our salvation in fear and trembling with Samuel in every coaching session has brought us to a place of grace for ourselves and others and a freedom to walk in the Light of His countenance growing in intimacy.  There are no words to express our gratitude.


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