About Us

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”, Jeremiah 1 verse 5. Your spirit communed with the Living God before you were formed in your Mother’s womb, that same spirit wants to unite itself with the Creator and His Holy Spirit to live a purpose-filled life. A life of abundance, one He came to freely give us and purchased with His blood.

It is our passion here at GS Coaching to facilitate this process by diligently using every available resource from Godly counsel and life coaching to relevant protocols so that a life of abundance can be lived as we journey to wholeness. 

All coaching provided uses structured protocols under the guidance of accredited and experienced coaches adopting principles laid out in the Hebrew Scriptures to bring about a state of harmony and freedom throughout the Body of Messiah.  Our premise for inner healing is based on confidentiality, compassion and creating a safe environment without compromise.

GS Coaching is owned by Gerbrand Samuel de Beer, who is a passionate prayer warrior driven by the Commission given in Isaiah 61:1 “..to set the captives free and bind up the broken hearted...” The purpose of his ministry is discipleship and life coaching for diverse individuals, families and groups. It is not professional counselling as constituted by a practice undergirded by the Professional counselling bodies of South Africa. Rather his aim is to coach his clients through a journey to freedom through repentance, generational bloodline deliverance and inner healing.

Samuel has travelled extensively both locally and internationally to present, coach and train in various modalities and protocols for the purpose of inner healing. He has assiduously studied with and ministered under a number of accredited ministries and counsellors for the last few years gaining invaluable experience and tools to equip everyone on their individual healing journey.


Instruction and Education:

Bride Ministries International: Dan Duval 

     DID Coaching Mentorship Program

* In partnership and trained with well-beingbydesign

Kanaan Ministries: Roly and Amanda Buys

     Counselling and Inner Healing Certificate

     Spiritual Warfare Training and Courses

     Certified Quantum Consultant

  * The Quantum Academy

 Quantum training and Therapist.



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