Coaching One-on-one Sessions 

Fit for purpose coaching sessions. Clear out obstacles to bring about clarity of mind, purpose and spiritual breakthrough.

The service provided will be guided by the Holy Spirit using proven protocols, prayers and tools to support potential clients in one-on-one sessions in the following areas:  

  • Safely exploring brokenness in the context of trauma, abuse, fear and/or disappointment. 
  • Engaging in memory work for wholeness.
  • Administering Timeline Corrections.
  • Addressing patterns of failure and hopelessness.
  • Working with the 'crushed spirit'.
  • Working with 'soul wounds' and 'heart walls' to minister nearness. 
  • Addressing physical ailments or structural misalignment against the backdrop of scripture.
  • Praying through Bloodline / Generational prayer and deliverance.

We also focus primarily on addressing depression, fear, hopelessness, unforgiveness of self and others or God, anger, bitterness, anxiety and stress, inability to cope with the mundane or stressful circumstances, self-hate as well as physical and emotional abuse to name but a few. 

Duration of Offerings:

Sessions usually lasts a maximum length of one hour and the first session is conducted once a client history and request form has been completed and submitted for review. 

A session is then approved and booked through the My Appointment App which provides clients with the option to link their personal calendars and make partial or full payment to secure their booking prior to a session. 

Sessions via phone using telegram, skype or zoom allow clients the flexibility of participating is a session in the comfort of their own home. It also gives us the ability to service clients both locally and internationally, time permitting. 

The initial assessment session is booked for 90 minutes and provides an introduction to the process as well as providing both the coach and the client time for questions and getting acquainted.  

The first formal session thereafter is conducted as a 60-minute session. 

Follow-up sessions can be booked as 60 minutes, 45 minutes or 30-minute sessions depending on the need and package purchased. 

 Travel Clinics

Corporate Healing Sessions are conducted on site with a group comprising of a community; family or Corporate entities requiring mass deliverance, prayer and inner healing. A separate travel rate and group rate will be negotiated with the key Sponsor or group coordinator. Individual sessions will then be scheduled thereafter as the need arises. 

These sessions are customised according to the need of the group. Introductory material and/or additional educational material will be provided and again customised and costed on request.

 For queries or additional information please send us an email at or contact us on +27 (0) 82 903 4858.

We look forward to journeying with You!